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Basics - Reading a Drawing

The course outline

The course consists of four modules, each touching on the importance of drawings and the correct analysis of the information contained therein.

The first module starts off with a look at different drawing conventions and the importance to have the ability to distinguish between these different conventions. The module is concluded with a practical application/ test of the gained skills.

Model outcomes

  • Identify different view directions
  • Application and positioning of dimensions
  • Positioning views according to 1st / 3rd  angle projection
  • Negative impact of insufficient dimensions

Module two touches on the different aspects of the steel environment and the communication skills that needed to be in place to effectively communicate with different role players in the steel industry

  • Discuss and use general terms found within the drawing office
  • Discuss and understand terms and information found on structural steelwork detail drawings

Module three reverts back to the drawing and the analysis of the different types of drawings that are used within the steel construction industry. This includes the client’s drawing, detail drawings and works drawings.

Model outcomes

  • Locate and discuss abbreviations used on GA-drawings
  • Discuss necessity and reasoning behind using abbreviations on GA-drawings

Module four focuses on the technical aspects of structural steel and the way in which steel as a material plays a role in the construction environment. This module will enhance the technical knowledge and therefore the productivity and product knowledge.

Model outcomes

  • Part identification
  • Part application